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Trauma flyer in other languages

  • Trauma support flyer in German, as a PDF - Flyer zu Trauma und Aktivismus: Einführung, Reaktionen, Hintergründe, was hilft?
  • Trauma support flyer in French, as a PDF and as a TEXT file - Activisme et traumatisme.
  • Trauma support flyer in Spanish, as a PDF and as a TEXT file - Trauma y recuperacion para activistas.
  • Trauma support flyer in Russian, Page 1 and Page 2 - double sided A4 PDF
  • Trauma support flyer in Hebrew - double sided A4 PDF
  • Trauma support flyer in Arabic, as a PDF and as a TEXT file.
  • Trauma support flyer in Dutch, as a PDF.
  • Trauma Support flyer in Greek, as a PDF - Τραύμα και ανάκαμψη για ακτιβιστές


Web flyer or printable flyer for the Trauma Gathering 11.2.2006 in London

"Mutual Support in the Face of Repression" - article on Trauma Support during the G8 in Scotland, published in SHUT THEM DOWN (book of reflections about the summit).

Other peoples documents

Zine on Community Support & Intimate Violence.

A personal account on self harming: Beyond Amnesty.

Handouts from a 6-day Training with ASSIST

ASSIST is a UK Charity dedicated to Trauma Care. All in RTF or PDF format.

  1. Stress - Human function curve 1: RTF or PDF
  2. Stress - Human function curve 2: RTF or PDF
  3. Critical Incident Stress: RTF or PDF
  4. Critical Incident Stress - Short term reactions: RTF or PDF
  5. Trauma and Recovery: RTF or PDF
  6. Please listen to me: RTF or PDF
  7. PTSD Criteria - 1: RTF or PDF
  8. PTSD Criteria - 2: RTF or PDF
  9. Summary of Post Trauma Symptoms: RTF or PDF
  10. Why do some people get it and others don't: RTF or PDF
  11. Secondary Traumatisation: RTF or PDF
  12. Intrusive Imagery and Thoughts: RTF or PDF
  13. Dealing with Flashbacks: RTF or PDF
  14. Treatments of Flashbacks: RTF or PDF
  15. Processing the Memories: RTF or PDF
  16. Developing Coping Skills: RTF or PDF
  17. Working with Avoidance: RTF or PDF
  18. Arousal and Hypervigilance: RTF or PDF
  19. Panic Attacks: RTF or PDF
  20. Treatment for Hypervigilance: RTF or PDF
  21. Specialist Interventional Therapies: RTF or PDF
  22. Evidence based treatments: RTF or PDF
  23. Effective Treatments for PTSD: RTF or PDF
  24. Cognitive Restructuring: RTF or PDF
  25. Exposure Therapy: RTF or PDF
  26. NICE Guidelines - 1: RTF or PDF
  27. NICE Guidelines - 2: RTF or PDF